Chansons / Songs
de/of Dan T.
12 J'ai tant
J'ai tant
tant de moments,
tant de moments où je me sens
comme la miette d'un clown
perdue dans la loune.
et dans ma mémoire
j'entrevois mes idées
tellement tombées
à en perdre l'espoir.
Oh j'ai tant
tant de moments,
tant de moments où je me sens
2023-12-14 vp
11 Morning Kiss
(to be sung as "One of Us Cannot Be Wrong")
Wish you a very good morning
into a wonderful day,
kiss you awake for the planet
where our duty's to stay,
and to make sure
that the thoughts become pure
for the sake of its beautiful way.
The sun called you down
from under the crown
into your body of clay.
2023-11-17 am
10 Reach
Don't search for a star
avoiding some war
too near or too far,
do not ask where
or inside of which sphere
you might find it there,
do look inside
the field rather wide
you're using to hide,
and reach it
reach him
reach her
2019-03-14 ♃
9 Sir Alec's Eyes
Sir Alec's Eyes
a picture, what else?
Sir Alec's Eyes
one question, two wells.
Sir Alec's Eyes
an answer above
one may call love.
Sir Alec's Eyes
not keeping instead any sacred flame,
just showing an oak of his generation
risen to fame.
Sir Alec's Eyes
now a look from beyond of a room,
beyond of a clock, beyond of doom.
Sir Alec's Eyes
no doubt two wells,
though one picture,
a picture, what else?
2019-02-24 ☉
8 What Would Be Their Answer
Following my path today
by strolling through a busy lane,
looking up and into faces
with eyes wide shut, and lips uncut
at so many hidden places,
I wonder whether they would blame
the course I took to cross their way.
And if I'd say "I love you",
what would be their answer,
how would they do?
The course I took to cross their way
was chosen by curiosity
about the load they carry
with eyes wide shut, and lips uncut,
and no time to worry
'bout any animosity
towards their unimportant stay.
And if I'd say "I love you",
what would be their answer,
how would they do?
Towards their unimportant stay
I was particularly driven
to experience how they shiver
with eyes wide shut, and lips uncut,
with the cold from down the river
that was periodically given
room to flush some souls away.
And if I'd say "I love you",
what would be their answer,
how would they do?
7 Porch of the Night
What may heaven know of dreams
I won't enjoy to see?
Pictures dragons set, it seems,
Tied into a bunch of beams
To preserve the key
Of wisdom necessarily
Banned into my bones to ground my dreams.
I could cry of them,
I could sigh of them,
But never I would die of them.
It looks dire, wrong or right,
But raising daringly my torch
I'll stand by the fire
In the porch of the night.
What may heaven find in beams
You do enjoy to see?
Pictures men pick out of dreams
While another then redeems
Their vitality
That wisdom's servant fatefully
Needs to suit your bones to moulding beams.
You could cry for them,
You could sigh for them,
But never you should die for them.
You can't hire some new sight,
But raising daringly your torch
You'll stand by the fire
In the porch of the night.
6 If Hearts Could Tell
If hearts could tell,
they'd tell of blood,
and all the pictures blood picked up
keeping a finger on the rife
pulse of life -
pics of birth turned into fate,
pics of love turned into hate,
pics of flames turned into stones,
pics of itself turned into bones
where all its fiery sparkle waned,
leaving many crosses crossing ...
5 Tulla
When last red breaks through
A worn out day's rain
As heaven seems far
From clockworking pain,
And no glittering star
Will enlighten my lane,
Then hand me, oh Tulla, more dew!
4 Otén a noite
Who am I
to wonder why
heaven were closed in the era of mine
while the day
hides away
the enigma of burning a star into time?
Beyond sight
will soon grow night
gently redimming the brilliance of blue,
and as a date
with rolling fate
may once again bring a meeting with You.
But who will be You
when sunlight breaks through,
and how will be now
when this star will bow?
Still, who am I
to scan the sky
questioning angels, eternally shy?
The answer's tough,
a golden laugh
that even a smirk could never deny!
2006-12-05 ♂
3 Still Sun
Still sun in the countenance,
Yet stars in the hair,
Queen thou in beauty,
Thy evening is fair.
The word has been lived through,
The night's touch has come,
Queen thou in darkness,
My daytime is done.
'To the depths of your lightponds
I'm ready to shine,
Queen thou in loving,
Forgetting all time.
2 Fleuves de vie
Que de fleuves qui
en artères se faufilent à travers
le pays, la boue, les pierres
pour apporter de la vie
aux pâturages, aux bois, aux prés
et par le bienfait de la rosée
aux roses!
Coule, mon eau, coule,
roule, mon eau, roule
de ta source vers la mer.
Roses qui poussent de la croix
formée par un rayon des sphères
qui nous ensoleille la terre
offrant espérance et foi
à tout être qui
dépend du comble de la vie
pour monter.
Coule, mon eau, coule,
roule, mon eau, roule
de ta source vers la mer.
Monter au sein même de l'amour
au fond fertile de ce silence
d'où s'anime multiple danse
par la puissance des alentours
qui de leurs tourbillons nous peuvent
prolonger la crû
du fleuve.
Coule, ma vie, coule,
roule, ma vie, roule
prend ta course vers la mer.
1 Kind of Autumn
(A Song of Gallun)
Today the leaf forsakes its tree,
And planes before the window sill,
It does not tend to fly set free,
The tree stands here and now and still
While the leaf is up to flee -
forever gold will
fall down on lee,
Leaves are wafted down the hill,
And they turn, and they turn ...
Am I able to learn?
The hawk there flies to catch some feed,
He rounds amidst the cloudy light,
With wings spread wide for preying deed
He coolly searches bloody fight -
Such wakeful birds will not pay heed
of hunters more bright:
arrows their meed,
They will fall amidst the night;
Now they turn, and they turn ...
Am I able to learn?
Then children in their afternoon
Despite of leaf and bird do play,
Their bodies swing to other tune,
And they may sing another lay -
But tomorrow will be soon,
forgotten today,
risen the moon,
Gone will be their sunny way;
Now they burn, and they burn ...
Am I able to learn?
Here I am, resting in pale blue,
Alone to watch the earth to fade,
Long ago all beings grew,
Now the bill of life is paid -
Lore of old again anew,
on ev'rything's laid
similar due;
Tasting through a kind of shade ...
I'll return and return
Always able to learn.